C Series Sewage and Wastewater Pumps

C Series

Tsurumi (America), Inc.

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Tungsten Carbide Tip Single Or Multi-Vane Impellers Coupled With A Serrated High Chromium Suction Cover For Shredding.

Quick Overview

  • Single and multi-vane cast iron impellers with tungsten carbide tips
  • Serrated suction cover is field replaceable/adjustable
  • Built-in thermal protector prevents motor failure due to overloading or accidental run-dry conditions.
  • Handles residential, commercial, and indiustrial sewage
  • Ideal for poultry, dairy. hog, and fish waste processing
  • Suitable for problem sump applications with unpredictable solids incursion found in schools, hospitals, industrial laundries
  • High head capabilities available on certain models
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C Series
A Serrated Suction Cover Is Used In Combination With A Tungsten Carbide Tip Impeller Ensuring That Fibrous Foreign Matter Is Cut Up, And Sewage Is Transferred Without Clogging.

Technical Info :

SeriesModelDischarge Size (in.)Motor Output (HP)Voltage (V)Diameter (in.)Height (in.)Weight - Freestanding (lbs.)Weight - TOS Model (lbs.)
C HighHead80C211315230/460/57513 9/1636 1/2326313
C HighHead80C22.233230/460/57510 1/424 1/16139130
C HighHead80C23.735230/460/57510 1/424 1/16141132
C HighHead80C25.537.5230/460/57513 9/1634 5/8278265
C HighHead80C27.5310230/460/57513 9/1634 5/8284271
C Series100C411415230/460/57517 3/1639 3/8406390
C Series100C415420230/460/57517 3/1624 5/8706690
C Series100C42.243230/460/57512 3/424 1/4154141
C Series100C43.745230/460/57513 1/827 3/16183170
C Series100C45.547.5230/460/57516 1/835 3/4309293
C Series100C47.5410230/460/57516 1/836 9/16349334
C Series50C2.7521230/460/5759 13/1616 5/165351
C Series50C2.75S21115/2309 13/1620 9/167066
C Series80C21.532230/460/5759 13/1621 1/87975
C Series80C41.532230/460/57512 7/1623119115

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Tsurumi (America), Inc.
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March 2020