Basement Saw


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Quick Overview

  • 7-5/8" maximum cutting depth
  • Screw feed raise and lower system
  • 1" arbor with single drive alignment pin
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Motor can be removed in 3-4 minutes to allow for a single-person operation
  • Electric powered for basement use-no fumes
  • Front pointer for staying on your cut-line
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Maximum depth of cut with 14" blade: 4-5/8" Maximum depth of cut with 18" blade: 6-12" Blade shaft RPM: 2,000 Blade shaft diameter: 1-1/4" Arbor size: 1 with drive pin Blade Raise/Lower: Precision screw feed Handle Bars: Adjustable

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Diamond Products
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March 2020